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MIKYRI is a Japanese word that means to look, to strike...




Mikyri was founded in Italy by creative talents with a knack for chan- ge. Its aim is to keep growing without ever losing sight of the fact that only new ideas can truly spark progress, and only what is an agent of change can really be called new.

Mikyri believes that the key to added value is creativity, defined as the inventive energy that is born from the resourcefulness and brillian- ce of all internal and external contributors. In Mikyri’s view, “Made in Italy” is all about making ideas count.

Mikyri is designed and produced in Italy.

Its products are conceived as works of creation: manufacturing works born of Italian talent and resourcefulness.

Each one of their details is the product of choices that favor

quality and originality.

OUR value
Style and Know-How Made in Italy
Schermata 2018-11-03 alle 11.17.24.png
Handmade From The Best Italian Craftmasnship. Supporting Italian Employment.
Made with Swarovski Elements; Semiprecious Stones and Nichel free.
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